Bailey Hayman

Project Specialist


Bailey Hayman is a dynamic and passionate problem-solver. With seven years of experience as a talent agent at DDO Artists Agency, she has honed her skills in offering career advice, sealing deals, and orchestrating logistics. Her hands-on approach and collaborative spirit have established her as a trusted ally for clients, ensuring shared success through her strategic and attentive career management.

In 2023, Bailey transitioned to business operations and project management, where she facilitates logistical, administrative, and communications support across various business channels. She excels in managing collaborative communication, creating and overseeing project timelines, and effectively communicating project outcomes. Additionally, Bailey handles social media management, newsletter and LinkedIn copywriting, and Wix website design and maintenance, showcasing her versatility and adaptability in a fast-paced environment.

Bailey holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Northern Illinois University. Bailey continues to be a dedicated and innovative professional, committed to connecting people and solving problems with creativity and efficiency.