Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma

Operational Assessments | System Selection and Implementation | Website and Content Strategies

.orgSource worked with EAST to refine its brand identity and pinpoint ways to enhance member value.


The Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma (EAST) serves a very distinctive role among surgical professional associations, specifically focusing on developing leadership in young surgeons active in the care of the injured patient. While its name may connote a singular geographic focus, it has grown into a national organization providing opportunities for collaboration, scholarship and multi-generational networking.

The challenge

EAST was looking for assistance in refining its brand identity and pinpointing ways in which technology could help enhance member value.

The Solution

The first phases of the project involved an extensive data-gathering process including an analysis of business strategies, leadership interviews, a member survey and assessment of the organization’s technology infrastructure. The various inputs led to recommendations clarifying the EAST brand promise and core strategies, as well as the need for enhancements to the content and functionality of the EAST website.

Armed with this newly defined web strategy, EAST continued to work with .orgSource to develop and implement a refreshed website. One of the major challenges for the new website was to create a navigation system that would clearly direct users to the content they were seeking. A key tool used by .orgSource to develop the recommended navigation system was an electronic “card sort,” an analytic tool for finding patterns in how users would expect to locate content or functions on a website.

.orgSource continued to work with EAST and its design vendor throughout the website design and implementation stages. The key to the new design was ensuring that everything from the placement of home page zones to the menu system to mobile-friendly, responsive design elements reflected a strategic approach reinforcing EAST’s priorities and adding value for its members and stakeholders. Members of the .orgSource team even wrote some of the new landing pages, using knowledge about the organization’s brand strategy to make sure that the right themes were represented.

The Results

The EAST website went live in March 2015.

“Throughout our project, .orgSource was a valued advisor, going well beyond what you might expect from a technology consultant,” said Christine C. Eme, CAE, CMP, executive director of EAST. “Blending strategic insights and technological expertise, .orgSource was the right choice for us.”