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In our work with associations and nonprofits, we’re solving their unique problems and helping our customers grow, we uncover ideas and opportunities we want to share then with you through our whitepapers.

Association executives—and hopefully their boards—know that they are facing perilous times. Even before the disruptions brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, traditional business models were being upended by the rapid pace of cultural and technological change.

Discovering the vein of gold in what looks like an ordinary rock, identifying a sinkhole that threatens to swallow your investment, and putting leaders on track to navigate the future, is where we excel.

This paper provides an outline to help you run potential scenarios for members and customers, products and services, operations, governance, finance and beyond. Watch the Scenario Planning Webinar and our video about long, mid, and short-term planning to get the full picture.

Even for the most digitally sophisticated groups, the pandemic and the switch to exclusively virtual engagement had a switch and significant impact on sponsorship. .orgSource and its partner companies are committed to providing colleagues and clients with resources and support to address challenges.

Before 2019, many organizations were not considering a digital transformation. Post-pandemic, there is almost universal agreement that up-to-date digital platforms are a critical component of doing business. On the other hand, some leaders are still unconvinced that success depends on changes that reach far beyond systems.

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Imagine the impact on associations if people were routinely living beyond 150 years of age. Can’t imagine it? Best start trying as it’s something we’ll be grappling with before we know it. Whether we like it or not, change is constant. It’s getting faster. And there is a whole lot more coming.

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This guide will help leaders understand the constellation of characteristics that contribute to unlocking technology’s potential and defining success in the current marketplace or a digital culture.