Culture and Organizational Performance

Talent and the environment that develops around it are the highest priority for innovative organizations. Your business will only be as good as your people.

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“Working with .orgSource, we were able to create a governance plan that aligned perfectly with our life cycle stage. We had a roadmap for how to advance the organization and prepare for the next phase of growth.”

Andrea Bennett

Executive Director, California  IT in Education Association

When Leaders Need Advice

Andrea realized that the board had to be more strategic and turn their focus away from operations. We helped the group explore a variety of governance models and discover how they could shift perspective to maximize their potential. Those conversations and exercises resulted in a smooth transition to a new style of leadership.


The current association governance structure is out of step with an environment that is characterized by instability and the need for constant innovation. Success is a process of understanding what works, refining strategies, and abandoning what doesn’t add value.

When You Need to Rethink Structure and/or Operations

If the business model you are pursuing isn’t right for your constituents and their professional environment, it will be difficult to achieve the alignment needed for success. Our expertise in digital markets can help you retool operations or governance to meet current trends and address competition.

“Thank you SO much .orgSource. Our consultant’s depth of experience and knowledge of bylaws, legal issues, messaging, and board processes made her an invaluable asset on multiple matters. She is easy to work with, articulate, personable, and has very quickly moved from being someone respected by the board to being trusted and valued."

Jean Lea Spitz

MPH, CEO, Perinatal Quality Foundation

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Assessing and Redesigning Governance Processes

Are out-of-date governance processes and procedures slowing you down and hindering progress? .orgSource can—identify areas to streamline and help you develop a more proactive configuration.


Do you need objective expertise to manage a significant organizational change? .orgSource can—share our experiences with other leaders, boards, and groups and help you and your team negotiate difficult transitions.

Governance Remodeling

Would your team like to learn more about alternative governance structures? .orgSource can—advise you on options for various professions and industries.


Digital CEOs understand that they are the change. The inspiration and motivation for growth come from the force of their vision.

Board Development

Does your group need a better understanding of their role and responsibilities? .orgSource can—explain current best practices for governance and why they are important. We can guide volunteers toward more productive meetings and interactions.


Is your leadership team working collaboratively? .orgSource can—help solve interpersonal and inter-organizational issues and coach teams toward better results. We can provide one-on-one consultation to hone general or specific governance skills.

Culture Assessments

Is your culture living up to your values and goals for staff, volunteers, and the profession? .orgSource can—provide comprehensive evaluations of organizational health and recommend strategies to build a positive work environment.

Interim Staffing

Are you seeking temporary leadership support? .orgSource can—step into CEO, CIO, and COO spots to provide immediate guidance.


To succeed in the digital era organizations must become athletes. They need to begin building the flexibility to evolve and the muscle, or talent, to best the competition, into their governance structures.

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When the Team Needs to Grow

Whether you are seeking to hire full-time employees, temporary support, or a more permanent contract worker, .orgSource can help you to bridge unforeseen operational and administrative gaps. When you need an experienced troubleshooter to take the lead as CIO, CMO, or CEO, our team has you covered.

Team Building Retreats

Does your team need dedicated time to connect and skill-build together? .orgSource can—develop and facilitate customized experiences for small and large groups that support collaboration and peak performance.

Facilitation Skills Training

Are there employees on your staff who need to facilitate committee and volunteer activities? .orgSource can—Provide expert guidance on group dynamics and leadership.

Staff Training

Could your team benefit from specialized training? .orgSource can—provide skill-building opportunities. Interactive virtual workshops are led by facilitators who are experts at helping employees succeed together. Select from 30-, 45-, and 60- minute programs. Lunch and Learn topics are also available.


Do you need to identify new talent for your organization? .orgSource can—utilize our extensive network of association professionals to help you find a perfect fit for your team.

Strategic Training Programs

Using Data to Make Strategic Decisions: The Transformative Power of Data

Strategic Planning:
Guiding the Process From Visioning to Execution

Leadership Team Introduction using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Managing Complex Technology Projects

Enhancing Communication Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Operational Training Programs

Demand and Capacity:
Balancing Your Remote Workday

Maximize Marketing and Communications Data

Fast Track Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Data-Driven Marketing

Content Strategy
Your Roadmap to Value

Website Strategy

New Page Workshops—An Association 4.0 Playbook for Chapter Success

Chapter leaders do it all--marketing, membership, events, and some even run small businesses. The responsibility can be overwhelming. Turn the page to a stronger chapter.

If you feel disconnected from support systems, uncertain how to maximize technology to accomplish goals, and like you could use “a trusted voice of experience,” the New Page program can help.

Our presentations and workshops show chapter leaders how to leverage limited resources to succeed in a complex environment.

.orgSource consultants view challenges and opportunities from a unique perspective. They are masters of the past—been there, done that. And students of the future who take leaders where they need to go next.

The New Page workshops outline strategies for:

  • Planning—Get your goals off the page and into action.
  • Marketing and communications—Use new technology for greater impact and better results.
  • Leading and building teams—Find volunteer or staff talent to take you to the next level.
  • Best practices for volunteer boards—Guide your board to better decision-making.
  • Maximizing digital solutions—Use technology to do more with less.
  • Developing operational procedures and processes—Get workflow under control.
  • Member recruitment and retention—Build member loyalty and increase revenue.
  • Event planning—Manage hybrid and in-person events.
  • Partnerships—Identify collaborators who can extend your reach.


Don’t see your pain points in this list? We love customizing our approach. Tell us your focus, and we’ll do the rest.

Call on us and turn the page toward the chapter that made you want to be a leader in the first place!