Customer Experience and Marketing

Watch and listen to the market. Then, meet members where they are with the information and education they want. Provide a seamless online experience that intuitively anticipates customer needs and interests.


I have worked with .orgSource for many years across a number of associations. And I always go back to them for their expertise and their knowledge base. They have the best staff to give us more than what we want. They have a process that adjusts and they provide recommendations that really give us what we need."

Stacy Bogard, CAE 

Assistant Director of Communications and Public Relations, MASB

When You Need Better Insight

Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes to really see your customers. The right combination of marketing and technology provides a line of sight throughout the sales process, from the first touchpoint through conversion. Let us help you make marketing a strategic priority and put robust resources behind it.

Strategic Marketing

In the digital age, technology moves beyond action and into understanding. MarCom is not a business service. It is a critical, strategic function that directly impacts your brand and your bottom line. Organizations that think simplistically, miss significant opportunities.

Our .orgSource project manager had an expert understanding of associations and helped us create an effective marketing campaign to support our membership renewals. They helped us cut through the noise and reach our members with clear, impactful communications."

Natalie Hughes

Integrated Marketing Manager, American Association of Endodontists

Natalie Hughes

When Your Brand Needs a Refresh 

.orgSource can help you identify gaps in service, deliver content that matters, and craft messaging that moves hearts and minds. Discover how to use technology, data, and streamlined operations to build brand awareness. 

Marketing Assessments

Are your communications keeping you ahead of the competition? .orgSource can evaluate messaging, staffing, and branding, and guide you toward a comprehensive program.

Content Strategy and Development

Do you need to identify audiences, understand preferences, and create a more targeted approach? .orgSource can—research your market, analyze the data, and help you align communications to organizational goals.

Marketing Support Services

Listen to the market and be aware of your position in the business landscape. Understand your competitors as well as you know your members. After studying the competition, prepare to deliver a better experience.

Main Menu - Customer and Marketing Overview

As the former Executive Director of an association that desperately needed a full-blown technology overhaul, I was really pleased with the level and quality of service provided by .orgSource. I highly recommend the .orgSource team. They will work with you to assess your pain points and find reasonable solutions."

Rosa Aronson

English Language Specialist, U.S. Department of State

When Platforms Need a Tune-up

Your website is a showcase for your mission, vision, and values. Every page should answer these questions: How do you want visitors to feel? How would you like them to respond? What do you offer that is unique in the market? Whether delivering that value takes a little fine-tuning or a significant overhaul, the .orgSource team can get you there.

Website Audits and Strategy

Does your website tell the right story? Could it use a more focused approach? .orgSource can—evaluate the design, content, and graphics and guide you toward an impactful presentation.

Writing for the Web Workshops

Could your team use advice on creating effective digital content? .orgSource can—develop training that fits your team’s abilities and needs.

User Experience Analysis

Do visitors complain that your site isn’t easy to navigate? .orgSource can—assess access, flow, and logic to ensure that your site is user-friendly.

Vendor Selection

Are you ready to consider a new AMS, CMS, or LMS? .orgSource can—help you navigate the selection process from research through contract negotiation and staff training.

Data Analytics

Does your team need to use data more effectively? .orgSource can—show you how to gather and store data securely and apply that information to finding opportunities and solving challenges. 

We help associations and nonprofit maximize marketing and website investments. Contact us for a consultation.