Core Operations and Technology

Take an organization-wide approach to digital strategy. Data shouldn’t be restricted to the IT department. Distribute the wealth. 


This week, ACOEM completed the first phase of our digital transformation. Our launch included a new association management system, website and content management system, a new member community, and an outsourced customer service team. .orgSource supported ACOEM at every step, providing valuable insights into strategic restructuring, talent for long-term project management, and staff augmentation.”

Bill Bruce

CAE, former CEO, American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, current CEO, American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology. 


When Understanding Your Members Matters

Bill wanted to improve every aspect of ACOEM’s operations. .orgSource helped the team get there. The work went beyond technical requirements. We used research, surveys, and interviews to identify the online experience members were seeking and to develop strategies to ensure that their needs would be exceeded.

Digital Transformation

Grow your relationship with members and customers in new, exciting, and cost-effective ways. Think of digital transformation as a fundamental shift in how you deliver value.

AAHA's new strategic plan requires a complete redesign of our technology platform to create a simpler, more flexible infrastructure. The visionary leadership at .orgSource is key to our success. From platform design to implementation, .orgSource is helping AAHA evolve, run our business more profitably, and be poised to continuously improve the value we provide customers."

Garth Jordan

MBA, CSM, CSPO, CDT, CEO, American Animal Hospital Association

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When You’re Ready to Work Smarter

.orgSource has deep roots in the technology world. We have been helping organizations improve their digital capacity for more than 18 years. 

Our strategy for supporting a transition to new business processes may vary depending on an organization’s profile. However, the framework that guides us is tested across multiple industries and staffing configurations. From healthcare to manufacturing, and points in between, we’ve positioned both small and large organizations to succeed in the digital marketplace.

Technology Upgrades and Enhancements

Having the right technology is important. But the best digital tools don’t create resilience unless you use your data to make objective decisions, create customized education, products, and services, and learn from feedback.

Janine Komornick

.orgSource worked with my organization during the pandemic to assist us with a new association management system, among other business-related functions. Our organization was in the midst of chaos at the time as our Executive Director just passed away unexpectedly, and I was forever grateful for the recommendation!"

Janine Komornick

Manager of Operations, Vibration Institute

When the Goal is to Build Better

Technology changes fast. The need to update is a constant of digital business. .orgSource offers these services to evaluate new requirements, modernize systems, and maintain peak performance.

Operational Assessments

Could your current business processes use improvement? Are teams working at maximum efficiency? .orgSource can—review workflows and recommend streamlined strategies.

Technology Assessments

Is your hardware and software up to the job? .orgSource can—identify the gaps in your current resources and address future needs.

System Selections

Do you need to identify user-friendly systems that will integrate seamlessly and provide the right data to serve your members? .orgSource can—assist in the selection process from needs assessment through staff training.

Data Strategy and Governance

Is data integrity and security a cause for concern? .orgSource can—recommend and initiate best practices for maintaining secure and functional systems.

User Experience

Are users frustrated with your digital interfaces? .orgSource can—identify how your members want to interact online and create platforms that support positive engagement.

Operational Support Services

Use smart sourcing to augment teams with talent and build your bench intelligently and efficiently. It is a business model that propels organizations from great to exceptional. Leverage the availability of a broad base of talent on-demand.

During our digital transformation, we experienced some staffing changes. The .orgSource team stepped in to provide additional guidance as we restructured our IT department. Now we have a strong IT infrastructure with the talent to complete the implementation of our systems. .orgSource prepared us to fly on our own. It gave everyone confidence to have an experienced partner to help us brainstorm, check assumptions, and game plan for our future success."

Bridget Walsh

COO, Emergency Nurses Association

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C-Suite Support 

Are you in need of a temporary CIO, COO, CMO, or CEO? .orgSource can—help you bridge a long or short-term gap. Experienced consultants who understand your industry are ready to step in to manage operations, board activities, and relationships.

Project Management

Is your association involved in an initiative that requires direction and oversight? .orgSource can—ensure that projects move forward smoothly. Our team of organizational experts will mobilize staff, conserve resources, and work efficiently to get the job done.

When the Team Needs a Leader

Gaps in leadership mean delayed timelines, lost revenue, and demoralized employees. When you need an experienced troubleshooter to take the helm our team has you covered. We can help navigate a crisis, fill a critical vacancy, or deliver a new vision and an innovative outlook to the top spot.

We help organizations take a fresh look at their operations. Contact us for a consultation.