Scoliosis Research Society

Website and Content Strategies

When SRS’s leadership decided it was time for a major overhaul of the organization’s website, they called .orgSource to develop a data-driven web strategy.


The Scoliosis Research Society (SRS) is an international association dedicated to the optimal care of patients with spinal deformity.

The challenge

Over the years the association’s website had evolved, adding layers of information. In the process its focus had become unclear and information had become increasingly difficult to maintain. Given the limitations of the site’s navigation and search, users were often unable to efficiently find and retrieve information. It was clear to SRS leadership that it was time for a major overhaul, not just in the way the site looked and functioned, but in the underlying strategy that would guide the site’s development.

The Solution

To help ensure that the new website would be well grounded in their strategic priorities, SRS contracted with .orgSource to undertake the development of a data-driven web strategy. The organization also wanted to be sure that the entire process reflected the perspectives of the members. A web task group led by Dr. Ron El-Hawary, chief of pediatric orthopaedic surgery at the IWK Health Center in Halifax, Nova Scotia, was established and remained actively involved throughout the strategy and implementation processes.

Once the project oversight structure was established, .orgSource proceeded to undertake a thorough discovery process, including: a review of SRS strategic documents; an analysis of its website functioning and metrics; an examination of competitive websites; feedback from staff; leadership interviews; a member survey; and an electronic card sort exercise.

Results of the discovery process were systematically presented, discussed and revised in a series of virtual workshops and conference calls with the physician oversight task force. The result was a well-defined web strategy, beginning with a clear vision of the website’s role in: a) enhancing quality of care by providing educational resources for professionals; and b) furthering the understanding of patients and families so they can make more informed decisions. The duality of that vision drove a navigation system and content strategy based on well-defined audience portals.

With the web strategy in place, the process began for developing a new website with a modern, fresh design and the type of functionality that would lead to a positive user experience whether by a physician or a patient/family member—and whether viewed on a traditional desktop computer or a mobile device.

.orgSource continued to be involved throughout the implementation process with the design vendor in order to ensure that SRS’s strategic vision was properly translated to the actual site. During this stage, SRS also turned to .orgSource to create and edit web copy, particularly for new areas targeted at the consumer market.

The Results

The new SRS website was successfully unveiled at the end of September 2015 during the association’s 50th Annual Meeting. “.orgSource was the perfect partner for us,” said Dr. El-Hawary. “Not only did the consultants bring expert analysis and insights to guide the development of our web strategy, .orgSource stayed with us throughout the implementation. Their ability to work with the task group and help us make the right decisions was invaluable.”