Sherry Budziak

Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur Sherry Budziak is an exceptional and innovative leader renowned for her ability to translate strategy into tangible results. Her journey began in 2005 when she founded .orgSource, driven by two core principles: the paramount importance of delivering superior customer service and the indispensable role of transformative change in enabling associations to thrive.

With an impressive track record of 30 years in leadership and executive consulting, Sherry has provided invaluable guidance to over 200 organizations. Her expertise lies in identifying untapped opportunities for innovation and product development, optimizing operational efficiency and effectiveness, and orchestrating synchronized digital strategies. Drawing from her extensive career, which encompasses being the associate executive director of IT and web services for a major medical association, as well as serving as COO of its for-profit subsidiary company, Sherry brings unique insights and perspectives to her clients. Her wealth of experience spans groundbreaking milestones, such as managing one of the first association websites, navigating the challenges of Y2K, advising organizations during the dot-com era, and facilitating their seamless transition to the cloud. Today, Sherry leverages her profound knowledge and forward-thinking approach to guide associations towards their next phase of growth and evolution.

As a testament to her commitment to fostering collaboration and inspiration within the association community, Sherry co-founded .orgCommunity. This remarkable organization serves as a catalyst for forging new connections, offering visionary insights, and presenting innovative solutions to association leaders and industry suppliers. Through an array of educational programs, vibrant networking events, and a thriving online community, .orgCommunity has become an indispensable resource, igniting the spirit of progress and transformation.

Sherry Budziak is not only a guiding force within the association landscape but also an avid contributor through her writings and speaking engagements. Her thought leadership has made a profound impact, empowering professionals with fresh perspectives and guiding principles. Moreover, Sherry has been an active volunteer, generously devoting her time and expertise to various key roles within the association community. In recognition of her consistent and significant contributions, she was honored in 2010 with the Association Forum's prestigious John C. Thiel Distinguished Service Award. This esteemed accolade is bestowed annually upon individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and impact through their volunteer efforts. In 2018, Sherry's visionary leadership was further acknowledged when she received the Visionary Award from WSAE (Wisconsin Society of Association Executives), celebrating her innovative approach to association leadership.

Adding to her impressive accomplishments, Sherry holds a Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing from Econsultancy, underscoring her commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies.

Together with her esteemed business partner Kevin Ordonez, Sherry co-authored two influential books: "Association 4.0 – An Entrepreneurial Approach to Risk, Courage, and Transformation" and "Association 4.0 – Positioning for Success in an Era of Disruption." These groundbreaking publications serve as beacons of wisdom, guiding association professionals through the complexities of an ever-changing landscape while illuminating the path to success and resilience.

Sherry Budziak's biography is a testament to her unwavering determination, innovative spirit, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Through her transformative leadership, prolific writings, and remarkable contributions to the association community, she has solidified her position as an influential and visionary figure. Her boundless insights, fueled by a passion for progress, continue to shape the future of associations, inspiring countless individuals and organizations to embrace change, navigate disruption, and position themselves for enduring success.

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