Strategy, Analytics, and Innovation

Understand your purpose and focus on the initiatives that achieve those goals. Keep strategy future-oriented and constantly evolving.


Integrated Strategic Planning

When It’s Time to Create the Future

Planning for uncertainty is key to positioning for success in digital markets. .orgSource takes an individualized approach to strategy. We make recommendations based on each client’s unique culture and mission.

Put technology at the center of business. Build an organization that innovates based on the changing needs and preferences of its customers.

Strategic and Operational Planning

When the Team Needs to Stretch

In addition to integrated strategic planning, .orgSource provides these related services either bundled or as stand-alone initiatives.

Challenge and Change Management

Are you introducing new technology, different work styles, a restructuring plan?

.orgSource can—help your team adapt and grow through transformation. 

Membership and Business Modeling

Is your structure correctly aligned with products and services for the current environment? .orgSource can—evaluate relationships, assess the options, and recommend appropriate configurations.

Consensus Building and/or Conflict Resolution

Do you need an objective voice to solve problems and find common ground? .orgSource can—mediate challenging conversations and offer guidance.


Does your organization seek to inspire, motivate, and find new purpose? .orgSource can— unlock your team’s creativity and help you discover fresh perspectives.

Scenario Planning

Are critical decisions on the table? .orgSource can—facilitate an objective review of the issues and recommend strategic approaches.


Are you considering a new product, service, or venture?

.orgSource can—provide the data needed to make the right decision. Look to us for:

Environmental scanning
Member/customer surveys
Focus Groups

Solutions for Growth

Are member recruitment and engagement priorities?

.orgSource can—guide you toward strategies to build loyalty and discover new markets.




".orgSource is a critical resource for me and my firm as we navigate the complex world of digital transformation. While they understand the technology, they also understand the human beings they are communicating with and supporting. The team explains complex solutions in simple terms so that the result delivers the solution the people need."

Alfred Spada
Executive Director, National Council of Structural Engineers Association.