Methodologies fill gaps between tasks by filling in the “why” of the tasks. As User Experience Strategist Corey Vilhauer suggests in an excellent article, think in terms of recipes. Once you learn why you need to sift the flour or whisk quickly for two minutes, the tasks take on a new meaning. By understanding the fundamentals of the process, you’re in a better position to tweak the process and adapt to inevitable changes.

Besides being adaptable, a methodology needs to be understandable and repeatable. The goal is to allow others to grasp the workflow-both the steps and the bigger picture. Because it’s an understandable and purposeful process, it should therefore be easy to repeat.

Some tips for creating a successful methodology include:

  • Create a list of all tasks needed for your workflow
  • Attach reasons and justifications behind the tasks
  • Understand and accept that a methodology is never “finished”

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