Member demands have put a lot of pressure on associations to have robust, user-friendly websites. The surge in the use of mobile devices means that organizations need to create a positive mobile experience for their members as well.

But web redesigns are often initiated based on reactionary reasons as opposed to strategic vision. As a result, organizations often implement updates that serve only as quick-fixes and don’t address the bigger problem: How a website can meet the fundamental needs of an organization’s members.

Determining the answers to that question can save your organization a lot of wasted time and money — two critical concerns for associations these days.

Here are eight questions that will help you determine what is working on your website – and what isn’t. You’ll likely want to survey staff and leadership, and perhaps even a few members of the general public, as well as members:

  1. How would you characterize your experience using the website?
  2. What are the top three things an enhanced website would need in order for you to be interested in using it on an ongoing basis?
  3. If you had the option to change one thing on the existing website today, what would it be?
  4. What do you feel are the site’s strengths?
  5. What kinds of information are you interested in finding on the site?
  6. What are you generally looking for when you visit the website?
  7. What do other organizations or sites provide that you are not receiving from this website?
  8. What type of device  (i.e. desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet) are you using when you visit the site and from where are you accessing the site?

Once you better understand what your target audiences are looking for, you’ll be better prepared to serve them with a website that is not only more pleasing to the eye but also offers content and functionality to fulfill your member’s needs.

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