While these experiences are fairly common, they don’t have to be the norm for your organization.

During AMS Fest, June 6-7 in Chicago, we will present on “Frictionless Implementation: A Case for Early and Ongoing User Adoption and Change Management.” (AMS Fest is where association executives, AMS consultants, and AMS vendors will convene for tactical and strategic sessions and platform previews).

Can’t make the session? Here’s a sneak peek on how to achieve “frictionless implementation:”

  • Define the people, processes, and technology that will lead to the project’s success
  • Establish a project team consisting of a project sponsor (e.g., COO), oversight committee, project manager, core team/staff technology committee (division leaders), and subject matter experts (functional team leads and specific technology leads—e.g., data migration/conversion, quality assurance)
  • Create a culture of open communication and create leadership opportunities throughout the project
  • Use technology that will encourage effective teamwork and collaboration, and track individual responsibilities during the project’s duration

It’s paramount that you have the right people and culture to embrace change—like a new AMS—and have a process in place that allows everyone the appropriate time to learn a new system and work on the implementation while continuing to do their “day” jobs. Through the careful selection of people, processes, and technology associated with your major systems project, your next implementation can be frictionless.