Associations have been focusing on their members’ mobile experience for months (even years). But surveys indicate that mobile will continue to be a prominent focus of attention, specifically on optimization. Because “mobile” can mean a lot of things: responsive design, a targeted app, a platform…and so many organizations find themselves trying to cobble together a coherent, seamless experience from several separate (often quickly-developed) mobile initiatives.

So where do you start? Analytics can guide you in understanding some of your user behavior. Compare mobile use over the past year…how has it changed? When thinking about how mobile can enhance a user’s information-gathering experience, consider geo-location data, call functionality, and push notifications. But these are just tactics within a bigger picture. Developing a mobile strategy is critical to keeping your members engaged and your association relevant. Strategy should be approached as a practice, not an project. For some tips, see our presentation at Avectra’s Users and Developers Conference earlier this month.

Need some specific guidance about how your association’s mobile presence can be more effective? Let us know!

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