One of the many reasons why podcasting became popular several years ago is because it provides a fast and easy way to obtain information, while also creating a sense of community for followers. If you are among those who enjoy podcasts, chances are you’ll also rave about Blab—a new live-streaming platform. Blab is an app for both desktop and mobile devices (iOS and Android) that allows you to live-stream videoconferences, or to promote your own personal videos. It enables up to four people—including the host—to participate in the live conversation. Similar to Skype, the videoconference participants are able to see and engage with one another during the presentation. Followers can also participate in the discussion by commenting during the blab via the video feed or Twitter by using the right or left side panels located on the screen.

Blab’s simplicity in function feeds the desire for businesses to provide knowledge quickly and easily while also creating an environment that allows others to freely share their opinions.  Its approach toward networking has participants excited about the new product, resulting in streamers spending hours “blabbing.”

Many of Blab’s competitors lack the ability to be both mobile and desktop friendly, while also creating a sense of community within the stream. Blab may be the big game-changer in how businesses conduct their networking and connecting through social media.

To get a kick-start on Blabbing and to learn more on how to create your own account, read this blog.

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