What if there was an easier way of obtaining personalized content without the hassle of navigating multiple news accounts?
Good news: such a platform exists. Flipboard is a social-network aggregation, magazine-format application available for both desktop and mobile devices. It collects personalized content from social media and other news sites, and presents it in a magazine-type display so users may quickly “flip” through all their social networking feeds and other news sources.

For the skeptics who are thinking, “Great. Another app I need to download, learn, and monitor,” consider that Flipboard actually is a time saver. Essentially, it consolidates your news feed by serving as one huge networking hub for all your social media accounts and news sources. What also sets Flipboard apart from other social media platforms is it’s structural design. The application itself enables intuitive “flipping though” of its content, where once the personalized feeds have been established, the first page (or “cover” page) that appears upon the opening of the application is a visual list of the user’s subscribed content.

Flipboard’s unique and personalized design makes it a desirable new form of quick and easy networking for users constantly on the go. Learn more and try it!