Medium, a free online publishing platform, is a type of “evolved social journalism” housing a collection of both amateur and professional publications. Developed in 2012 by Twitter’s co-founder Evan Williams, Medium was specifically designed for users to freely publish writings and documents longer than a specified character amount.

Medium is slightly different than its competitor WordPress as it has a variety of its own publications with partnered users like co-founder of The Source magazine, as well as their own writers team developing a technology column that fellow users can gain access to as well as be inspired when creating their Medium publications.

Create your account by using either your email address, or logging in with your Twitter, Facebook or Google account. The latter will help when distributing and sharing  on all your social media accounts.

Once an entry is posted to your user profile, it can be recommended and shared by others—similar to Twitter and other social media accounts. Medium also offers users who read or visit your publication to “upvote,” (essentially “liking” something) similar to how Reddit, Tumblr and Facebook present their newsfeeds.

Happy Publishing!