1. Zoom

Zoom offers HD video conferencing, screen sharing from desktop or mobile, recording features, and the ability to choose full screen or gallery views during video streams (or choose different views for multiple monitors). It also has a collaborative whiteboard and the ability to send group texts, images, and audio files during meetings. This application enables you to join meetings from your mobile devices via Wi-Fi or cellular networks—making it a great option for teams that are constantly on the go.

Pricing: Zoom’s free plan includes an unlimited number of meetings with up to 25 people, lasting up to 40 minutes per meeting, as well as unlimited one-on-one calls. The paid plan with advanced features starts at $10 a month for unlimited meeting durations and calls with up to 200 participants.

2. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting has HD-quality video, screen sharing, personalized meeting URLs, and the ability to connect to meetings via desktop or mobile. Teams can collaborate by using the whiteboard feature to annotate and highlight the presenter’s screen. This application also allows for easy transitions between presenters for meetings that have multiple hosts.

Pricing: The Pro version starts at $39 a month per organizer and includes 25 participants. The Plus version starts at $56 a month per organizer for up to 100 participants. GoToMeeting also offers a free plan for three attendees.

3. Join.me

Join.me allows users to record meetings, join from your preferred mobile device, share your screen, transfer files, easily change presenters, and personalize your meeting space with custom URLs and screen backgrounds. Join.me enables attendees to call in via the Internet or telephone.

Pricing: The free Basic plan includes up to 10 participants and instant screen sharing. The Pro and Business plans include up to 250 attendees with advanced features like Outlook and Google Calendar plugins, built-in cloud storage, recording, and reporting tools. Pro plans begin at $18 and Business plans start at $25.

4. ReadyTalk

ReadyTalk offers easy presenter transitions, interactive real-time polling feature, and streaming of up to four video feeds simultaneously. ReadyTalk also integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook, Lync, Salesforce, Marketo, among others.

As an added bonus, if you experience any technical difficulties during your meeting, ReadyTalk provides the option to have a rep instantly join your meeting to provide assistance—so you can stop worrying about the glitches and focus on hosting a great meeting/webinar.

Pricing: Meeting plans start at $24 for 10 participants, $34 for 25 participants, and $59 for 100 participants.

5. Onstream Meetings

Onstream offers the usual features like screen sharing, document sharing, group or private chats, polling, shared controls, and a collaborative whiteboard. What sets Onstream apart is its ability to add up to 1,000 attendees. The toolbar at the top of the screen allows easy access to controls for screen sharing, file sharing, drawing tools, and polling. Also convenient: you can send files to all attendees or just to select people, as well as make documents available for download right after the meeting concludes.

You can also edit your meeting recordings without downloading the video file. With this feature, you can easily highlight key discussions or add chapter markers for your viewers so they can skip to important points.

Pricing: Subscriptions start at $49/month