1. Real Magnet

Real Magnet makes it easy to generate, manage and measure the impact of your personalized, engaging content. It’s as simple as choosing a template that matches your industry, and then selecting from a variety of possible campaigns—welcome, lead-generation , and webinar campaigns to event promotions. Prices range from $200-$1,350 monthly. Real Magnet also offers a demo of their services.

2. Infusionsoft

Staying connected becomes second nature after you’re able to import and organize your contacts by using tags and segmentation. Infusionsoft has the ability to track and record your leads’ behavior—similar to checking your website or archiving your emails—then “scores” each lead based on conversion. Then, you can choose whether to prioritize “high-rated” leads or reach out to others. Like Real Mangent, Infusionsoft can automatically send personalized emails to contacts. Choose from their Essentials package (allowing up to 3 users) to their Team package (allowing up to 10 users) ranging from $199-$599 a month.

3. Marketo

Marketo has some pretty popular ratings—and for good reason. It’s been marked “perfect” for beginners as their platform focuses highly on generating new leads for your business. Marketo’s user resources is great for learning which leads to pursue and which to leave alone by teaching newer marketers how to take advantage of search marketing, social media and behavior tracking. Similar to Infusionsoft, Marketo provides each lead with a score based on marketability, factoring their demographic and inactivity as well. Marketo comes in three versions for small and medium businesses and one version for large enterprises and their pricing tiers are set at either annual or quarterly contracts ranging in a monthly fee as low as $1,195 for a basic package to $11,995 for their corporate package.

4. Hubspot

Hubspot is known for being user-friendly—whether its novices or seasoned entrepreneurs navigating through the platform. Hubspot’s campaign wizards help you ensure a campaign is never launched unless you mark it as “complete.” Its dashboard displays all your campaign analytic data, making it easy to determine whether your plan is working—or failing—before it’s too late. Hubspot also doubles as an online SEO manager. Hubspot delivers a simple to-do list filled with tasks to help boost your search engine discovery. Choose from their Basic package to their Enterprise package, ranging from $200-$2,400 monthly.

5. MailChimp

MailChimp is an excellent marketing automation tool for today’s modern business. With the ease and ability to create beautiful emails using drag-and-drop templates, you can connect with leads on a whole new level. If your business partners love design and you’re a great copyeditor, good news—MailChimp supports multi-user use, so you can get double the work done in half the time!

MailChimp comes with a whole collection of mobile apps. There’s also the features of “MailChimp Subscribe,” which allows you to collect signups online or off, and “MailChimp Snap”, which lets you send quick, photo-based emails to specific lists of subscribers from your smartphone. Choose from their New Business package to their Pro Marketer package, ranging in the prices of being free (forever)-$199 a month.

There are tons of marketing automation tools for businesses online, and these are just a few based on our own experiences or user reviews. What are your favorite marketing automation features? What tools do you use for your business?