Domo is a flexible business management platform that can be used by just about anyone—whether you’re a marketer trying to understand channel ROI, or a manufacturer looking to optimize production capacity. This platform easily connects to hundreds of data sources, so your organization can pull together all the data it needs to make informed precise decisions. You can test it by selecting the free start up option. Or, you can pay $175 each month for their professional package or contact a sales representative to investigate their enterprise options.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free platform powered by Google that lets you analyze data from all touchpoints in one place for a deeper understanding of your customer experience. Google also offers a secondary platform called Google Analytics 360 Suite, which combines analytics, tagging, site optimization, data visualization, market research, attribution, and audience management into a powerful measurement solution. This version is designed to deliver a seamless user experience and cross-product data integration that helps your organization gain useful insights.

SAS Visual Analytics

SAS Visual Analytics is part of the SAS High Performance Analytics portfolio. It uses an in-memory engine to help speed up the analytics and visualization process for predictive analytics such as forecasting, correlation and linear regression. SAS Visual Analytics runs on commodity hardware. Pricing for this software starts at $15,000 for commercial use in the first year to $45,000 for three years.


Apama Streaming Analytics allows organizations to monitor fast-moving data in order to detect complex business events or patterns of membership behavior and then respond to those events automatically, the moment they happen. Intel recently tested Apama on a commodity server and found it capable of handling 90 million events per second.

There is a version of Apama for Raspberry Pi/ARMv7, that you can use for IoT edge devices and gateways as well as an option for business analysts to build streaming analytics applications using a GUI interface. Apama Community Edition is a freemium version of Apama by Software AG that can be used to learn, develop and put streaming analytics applications into production.

ClearStory Data

ClearStory Data’s Big Data analytics solution lets users discover, analyze and consume data from data sources like, Hadoop, Web and social application interfaces, and third-party data providers. The ClearStory Data platform is designed to simplify access to different data sources and automatically manage data management by gathering top-down signals of a user’s analysis intent and matching that intent dynamically to one or more data sets registered within the platform. Prices vary from a free 14-day trial to a $599 30-day trail.

There are tons of analytic solutions—these are just a few based on trending topics and user reviews. What’s your favorite data analytic software?

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