You spend months and months strategizing, developing, writing and testing a new website. Launch day finally comes, the inevitable bugs are worked through, and it’s time for celebration and a good night’s sleep. But while a launch is an exciting goal to acheive, it’s not the end. It may be an exhausting truth, but there’s never an end when it comes to a website.

It’s important to think of a website as an ecosystem…a living community of interacting organisms. It’s about maintenance, measurement and growth, and it’s always evolving. A successful website redesign project includes just as much (if not more!) planning for what happens after the launch than for the launch itself. There are many great resources out there to help you plan, but here’s a great article on all that should go into content maintenance.

Go celebrate that website launch. Just be sure to continue to nurture the content to keep the ecosystem, and your members, happy.

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