As a digital “newsstand” with close to 21 million publications and about 85 million active readers, you can use Issuu’s available content to update your digital content marketing – social media, online publications, website, etc. All the content found on Issuu is produced by reputable magazines, journals and news sources—making it easy for you to find articles relevant to your industry and your audience without worring about the content being incorrect.

Issue also enables you to submit your own content and distribute it through their platform, creating an additional outreach for your organization.

Besides being able to use Issuu for your content marketing, the application is an all-around amazing resource for anyone interested in finding new reading material not readily available elsewhere.

From your favorite leisure magazines to current news publications, Issuu is an essential online resource for both the creative entrepreneur and marketer, and is also a convenient way to expand your personal library.

Happy reading!