As mentioned in Step One: The “How To”, visual appeal is important for your overall member engagement. It may seem intimidating as you contemplate the amount of time it may take to create graphics and other visual content. But what if there is an easy way to create these visuals and, better yet, creating them through free applications?

•    Canva is a graphic design platform that is comparable to InDesign and Adobe, but is free. Canva does have the option to upgrade to their professional customer package—however, it’s not necessary as most of their stickers, shapes, photos, backgrounds, and templates are available for free. But, if you do find a photo or template that works with your design, and they’re not free, the cost is only $1 per item. Other cool aspects of this application: You can add live links to your photos, email drafts, and easily share through your social media accounts.

•    PicLab, PicLab Studio and VidLab are free mobile applications that provide additional editing options such as filters, inspirational or fun stickers, and the ability to share your artwork through various platforms as well as save to your phone’s camera roll. Once finished with a design, you can share your artwork with a click of a button to Instagram and other social media accounts.

PicLab and PicLab Studio are photo-editing applications that allow you to quickly create visual content through your mobile devices. These applications are unique as they allow you to curve sentences in your design as a semi-circle and install your favorite fonts.

VidLab is a fun video editing application for your phone that’s a combination of both PicLab and a mini-version of Apple’s iMovie. VidLab allows you to create 15-second videos, where you can use various filters, transitions, and soundtracks as well as allow access to your iTunes library to create quick videos on the go. Vidlab also connects with your Facebook, YouTube and Instagram accounts, among others.

•    Periscope allows you to live stream and interact with individuals world-wide through Twitter. With Periscope, you’re adding an extra dazzle to your Twitter newsfeed by interacting with fellow viewers while filming.


•    Boomerang is an application specifically for Instagram that provides artistic snippets of film.

Regardless of what you download and use, it’s important to be conscientious of how it can benefit your overall social media content strategy. For help on creating an integrated, multi-media marketing strategy, call upon .orgSource—digital experts for more than 10 years.

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