According to a 2015 Entrepreneur article, the fastest and easiest application used to create and engage your community is TINT.

Believing that authentic marketing should come from “real people”, TINT mentions that about 90 percent of consumers today find peer recommendations more trustworthy compared to others forms. By using their online and mobile application, you’re able to source content from your association’s community and display it within any of your marketing channels.

TINT allows you to connect with live feeds from major social networks, messaging apps, and review sites—and allows you to add custom content and advertisements. You’re able to personalize and control this content by using their customizable themes and tools to craft your digital storyboard. Storyboards may be displayed on websites, digital screens, projectors, and more—all to help inspire your community to connect and participate!

And as if this application wasn’t already cool enough, one of its built-in features is a dashboard that allows you to measure outreach so you may  take action on improving your brand’s marking impact.

TINT has also partnered with Hootsuite, so through one hub you may produce, schedule, distribute and track all your marketing content.

Happy Marketing!