You can. Introducing WordSwag—a mobile application designed for both iOS & Android devices for creating personalized quotes to share among co-workers and friends. Similar to the PicLab application mentioned in the May 16 blog, “Social Media Techniques- Part 3: Design & Dash,” WordSwag allows you to quickly create masterpieces with just a tap of the finger. For only $3.99, their graphic designers hand-pick the “freshest” trending fonts and layout combinations based on what you’ve used within the app as well as regenerating their digital library daily so your designs never go out of style!

With WordSwag, the design possibilities are endless compared to similar applications. With just one purchase:

• Never be at a loss for words. WordSwag includes hundreds of captions to inspire you.

• Obtain gold foil, stamped, and watercolor text effects.

• Share all your designs on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr.

• Enjoy a vast selection of 48 graphic font styles created by world-class graphic designers (with more regularly added!)

• Take advantage of 590,000 free backgrounds and 22 image filters to use with your photos of text

[Pictured Below] Two examples created with WordSwag and the fonts/backgrounds available to users.