Whatever the answer, it will set the course for your digital transformation.

In order to develop a clear roadmap for digital excellence, you must focus your visions on organizational capabilities, customer needs and competition in your industry.

Take into account these proven strategies:

  • A well-coordinated system of priorities for digital channels, each with its own defined role in conveying your brand’s value proposition and delivering benefits.
  • Clear criteria for evaluating any new opportunity or idea, allowing for innovation but protecting against the “shiny new object.”
  • Balance between long-term commitments and quick wins.
  • Establish and manage the right resources for planned projects and activities.

Also, assess your digital readiness by asking:

  • Are our existing products and services digitized?
  • Can we consider new digital marketing channels?
  • Can we analyze customer data?
  • Are our systems integrated?
  • Do we have policies and business practices to adapt to the changes digital will bring?
  • How much opportunity is there for the organization to gain a competitive advantage?
  • Do our employees have the skill sets needed?
  • Do we have the right resources? Budget, people, time?
  • Are people in our organization excited about the opportunity to make digital a focus?
  • What commitments have been made to the board?

Through an honest, thorough assessment and prioritization, you’ll be equipped to plot your roadmap for your desired digital destination.

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