In other words, we’ve created the digital transformation recipe, selected the ingredients, and done all the prep work. Now how do we ensure a flawless, fully baked execution?

The answer: Alignment of both internal and external stakeholders.

External partners include all of the various technology vendors as well as the board. The internal group includes anyone who has a role in developing and managing aspects of your digital operations and offerings: in today’s business environment, that probably means the majority—if not all—of your staff.

How do you align these integral stakeholders? Communicate, communicate, communicate. Providing clear communication of your digital transformation strategy cannot be overdone.

Some tips for ongoing internal communications:

  • Craft and communicate a compelling digital vision.
  • Give employees clear direction while providing flexibility.
  • Engage employees by connecting with them—and enabling them to connect—through blogs, video, and other tools.
  • Be transparent with goals.
  • Open up conversations and give employees a role and voice.

Engagement among your staff and external stakeholders is a must in making your digital vision a reality. For further guidance on this important quest, call upon .orgSource—leaders in IT and digital strategies for more than 10 years.

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