Do your current technologies support your association’s business goals? When auditing your current technologies, think about what systems are critical to your business.

How do your technologies talk to each other? Making sure that your systems interact efficiently with each other is critical. Is important data getting back to your AMS? If you’re not careful, data can get siloed, causing more work and increased costs.

How outdated are your systems? Technologies that are critical to your business goals can quickly become outdated. Do you have a ticketing system that tracks issues and progress? What upgrades are required, and what are the costs associated? Whenever you acquire new technologies, keep in mind the cost of actual hardware, as well as training and support.

Get leadership buy-in. As with any major effort, it’s important to educate leadership about the need for new systems, why you need them, and what the costs are.

Having an IT plan will help guide you. Plans are essential for efficiency–for example, what is your IT governance process, how do you prioritize projects, how do you track progress, and how often will you reassess your technology needs?

There are many technology solutions to consider, and educating yourself is important in making the best decisions for your association. Need some guidance with your technology plan? We can help! Contact us to discuss your technology needs.