Do you know whether your marketing efforts are really working or are you simply performing “random acts of marketing” hoping that something will stick? Maybe you are acutely aware of weaknesses in your current digital marketing strategy but are challenged to make the needed changes.

All associations need to periodically redefine and refresh their digital marketing strategies in order to break through the clutter and to reach new levels of success. Having a clear and well-developed plan will allow you to better use internal and external resources, increase organizational awareness, as well as clearly and consistently communicate the unique value of your organization and its offerings.

Here are six common challenges associations experience that suggests that it may be time to revisit your core digital marketing strategy and plan:

Messaging Challenges. A feeling that your messaging is no longer an accurate representation of what the association does.
Awareness Challenges. Trouble getting the attention of members, industry leaders, and other key stakeholders.
Communications Challenges. A sense that your digital materials, website and email campaigns are not effectively communicating your strengths.
Planning Challenges. Frustration because of the lack of a strategic digital marketing plan, or doing random marketing activities with no long-term cohesive vision.
Prioritization Challenges. Uncertain where to focus marketing efforts.
Attention Challenges. Chronic feeling that you could do better marketing, but somehow it never gets done.
Do any of these ailments sound familiar? Ready to take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy? Call upon .orgSource to form a fresh, targeted digital communications and marketing strategy to drive customer value, growth and revenue.