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We’re excited to launch Solutions Day 2023. The November 2 event is designed to give a fresh take on the future!

Solutions Day isn’t just a catchy title. We’ll send our audience back to work with new insights and answers to challenging questions like these:

How can our organization prepare to manage disruptive events like the pandemic?

Kevin Ordonez, .orgSource Managing Director of Business Strategy and I are going to explain why that’s a question everyone should be asking. We wrote two books on Association 4.0 Leadership, or how to navigate fast-moving digital markets and we’ll be sharing what we learned. More importantly, we’re going to explain how we think you need to strategize for an uncertain future.

How can we stay ahead of the competition?

If your group is more sigh than sizzle, you need to meet Adele Gambardella and Chip Massey. These two are experts at getting noticed. They’re ready to put you on the road to becoming both an irresistible communicator and a trendsetter too.

Adele is a seasoned PR professional who, in addition to a myriad of other promotional endeavors, has been spokesperson for Fortune 100 companies such as Dupont, Lockheed Martin, and Verizon. Chip is a former FBI hostage negotiator. Together, they are a force of nature and the Co-Founders of Convincing Company.

They’ll be joined by Harriet Bogdanowicz, Chief Strategy Officer at the American Planning Association.

Harriet’s going to explain how APA used convincing techniques to innovate and set trends in the planning industry. Sponsored by Multiview

What’s all the hype about generative AI? Can our organization benefit from a better understanding of AI’s potential?

I invited several colleagues to join me to describe their experiences using AI and offer tips on how you can experiment with this new technology. Have your questions ready for our panelists:

  • Jennifer Pitts, Vice President, Products, Programs and Certification, National Association for Healthcare Quality
  • Jeanne Sheehy, MBA, Chief Marketing Officer, Bostrom
  • Luke Vidacovich, CISA, CISM, A CSPO, Director of Digital Strategy, the American Animal Hospital Association
  • Sherry Budziak, Founder and CEO, .orgSource

I’ve been hesitant to try AI. I’ve heard there are lots of legal issues surrounding its use. How careful do I need to be?

Don’t guess about this. Get advice on the dos and don’ts from an expert. Nonprofit attorney Kimberly Pendo, a founding member of Chicago Law Partners, is going to discuss the issues we all need to understand. She’ll review data privacy and security, accuracy and reliability, and responsible innovation. Also on her agenda is how copyright law and fair use apply to AI.

Quick Takes—These 20-Minute Snap Shots for Smart Outcomes offer solutions to practical problems like these:

We launched our new AMS. How do we stay on track and meet our goals?

Jonathan Adams, IT Director, the Water Quality Association, will share a roadmap to post-implementation success. Sponsored by Impexium

The eternal question—Where can we find nondues revenue?

Christine Diedrich, Director, Multimedia and Publishing, Society of Petroleum Engineering, helped her organization win the trifecta. She developed digital learning programs that can be repeated, monetized, and are guaranteed to engage. Hear how she structured an initiative that hits all the right targets. Sponsored by WorkerBee.TV

Our members’ professional environment is evolving so rapidly. What can we do to ensure we maintain their trust as the best source for information?

There are resources you might be able to manage without, but trust is not one of them. Learn the steps to maintain that critical confidence from Jake Adler, CTO, American Society for Surgery of the Hand. Sponsored by Nimble AMS 

We’ve crafted a great educational program, but it’s not delivering ROI. What’s wrong?

Erica Kruse, Director of Education, American Society of Neuroradiology, turned to Attendee Interactive for help. She’ll describe how the organization streamlined abstract submission, created agendas, built sessions, managed speakers, and more. Sponsored by Attendee Interactive

Our website looks dated. How can we give it a makeover without distracting from other critical activities?

A website redesign might feel daunting, but don’t let an unattractive site hold you back. A contemporary look can be fast-to-market and meet all of the essential needs. Sponsored by Adage 

Everyone’s talking about the importance of customization. But I’m not sure our AMS is up to the task. How can we identify more meaningful member data?

Get acquainted with customer analytics, a process that provides more accurate insight into what your members really want. Use revenue, retention, renewal, learning, event, and behavioral data to unlock hidden information. Discovering underserved member segments, sunsetting lackluster products, and understanding where to invest learning dollars are key to uncovering the voices you need to hear and creating the customized experiences your members want and need. Sponsored by Association Analytics 

Our customer experience could use help. What can we do to improve member delight?

Artesha Moore, President  and CEO, Association Forum, will describe how Association Forum is working to overcome common challenges by embracing the new NetForum Express Pay technology. Learn how this growing association is leveraging innovative features to create a seamless renewal experience that is leading to increased retention rates. Step into the future of effortless renewals with us! Sponsored by Netforum AMS

I’m not sure our website is delivering engagement. What can we do to ramp up the excitement?

Unique web and mobile engagement strategies have empowered the Turnaround Management Association to engage members with dynamic experiences and personalized content at all stages of their professional journey. Sponsored by Results Direct 

Breaks sponsored by: Teal Media and Joy of Membership; Lunch Sponsored by BenchPrep; Reception sponsored by Multiview

If you missed Solutions Day this year, stay tuned for my recap of the event!