Thanks and best wishes to our friends and clients. I hope the season brings holiday magic and a break from your professional responsibilities to enjoy other activities that enrich your life.

Taking time to recharge is a gift to yourself that makes a difference for everyone. Rest is a leader’s best friend. It feeds creativity, creates space for innovation, and highlights the positive in yourself and others. My network is another source of invention and inspiration. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by people who have no shortage of interesting ideas.

These are some of my favorite quotes from colleagues we interviewed for our Association 4.0™ books and our .orgSource team. I hope their words help you renew your perspective for the year ahead.


“The humility to acknowledge that you don’t have all the answers and to ask questions coupled with a healthy respect for the expertise of others both above and below you is critical.” Kevin Ordonez, .orgSource, President and Managing Director, Digital Strategy

The Future

“This is a fascinating era in business. People around the globe can collaborate on projects. Virtual teams are on the rise, and they are the future of work. To effectively use the fantastic technology at our disposal we need to create cultures of acceptance and adaptation. We must be ready and willing to become transformers.” Sharon Rice, .orgSource, Managing Director, Business Strategy


“There’s a change going on in business. Organizations are realizing that people are the only asset that doesn’t depreciate. The differentiator now isn’t only the fastest piece of equipment or technology. It’s having the best talent.” M. Bernadette Patton, CAE, Leadership Coach, Association Executive


“There’s a lot of discussion about whether leaders are born or made. You can teach skills, but people learn values as they grow up through family, friendships, and life experience. So, society at large has a role to play. But. . . the most important ability is a bit elusive. It’s a talent that develops from a combination of experience, training, and intuition. You need to pay attention, read the landscape, and see beyond the present moment. Success is all about connecting the dots. The world is full of opportunity, but you need to be ready to seize it.” Hugh Lee, Co-Founder and Owner, Fusion Productions


“Be visionary. Successful people at the top must be democratic enough to collaborate and inspire others, yet strong enough to take responsibility for difficult decisions. Transformation will be continuous, so it’s important that leaders have that ‘all in’ warrior spirit. I’m already seeing some of these executives today, and I’m optimistic about the future for associations.” Sandy Marsico, Founder and CEO, Sandstorm Design


“An entrepreneurial approach is only valuable if it permeates the entire culture. You can design a new product anywhere. An association is a safe place for development because you aren’t using your own money. But the payoff isn’t in building things; it’s in creating unique value, and today that often requires a different vision and approach—changing the business model is hard to do. In some cases, it means swimming upstream against decades of tradition. Garth Jordan, MBA, CMS, CSPO, CEO, American Animal Hospital Association


“Organizations must identify where their key value lies. I believe our strength is in solving pain points for our members. You can’t be an effective CEO if change in your industry keeps you up at night. Leaders must balance risk, but they must also welcome the opportunity to dive into new water.” Gregory J. Fine, FASAE, CSE, Former Vice President, CEO, CCIM Institute

I hope your “new water” is calm and that these thoughts provide inspiration to meet 2022 with an abundance of fresh ideas.

Again, thank you for your involvement with .orgSource. Your expertise contributes to and expands our shared community. We are grateful for the wealth of talent that surrounds us.

Wishing you and your families peace, happiness, and success in the New Year.